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COP27 from an Afrikan perspective; Why are we still missing the mark?

Contextualizing the problem The 27th Conference of Parties, or “COP27”, will be held from November 8th –18th, 2022, at Sharm – el

Assistant Communications Director

I am an Environment and Community Development practitioner, and from my experience in advocacy and climate-nature nexus, I can say that climate


The oceans are rising, and so are we The climate is changing, why can’t weGlaciers are melting, others sublimate away Ravaging mighty


THEME: Sustaining Momentum on Climate Action in the Pandemic Era (Aug 29 – Sep. 11, 2021). Venue: Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Kenyatta

We are super grateful for the kind support accorded to us by Julia Davis. Through her financial support, we were able to

International Day of the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

As we celebrate conservation of mangroves, lets continue to engage in activities that help both the local communities and mangrove forests. The

Celebrating World’s Environment Day at Ndaragwa

Restoration work is the major conversation happening across the world now.  Humanity rethinking our intrinsic relationship with nature – one that we

Social Media Advocacy Training

Social media for Advocacy training A group of 30 youth drawn from Kenya Environmental Action Network(KEAN) and The MIllennial Environmentalists (TME) gathered

Perhaps the most direct, most impactful form of activism is the noble, ancient art of The Protest. When you’re surrounded by the voices and (hilarious) signs of like-minded citizens, it’s hard to not get swept up in the atmosphere – and it’s even harder to ignore the power of the people when thousands are lining the streets, all marching against the same issue

Happy World Women Day !!!

To all awesome women out here, doing their best for the betterment of our planet. We celebrate you. Keep doing what you


#ClimateAction #ParachutePainting #Youth #ClimateChange Painting Parachutes at the Michuki Memorial Park, Nairobi Climate change effects continue to be felt in most part

In the journey of promoting tree cover in our country, in the fight against climate change. Roads led to St.John's High school in Machakos, Kenya.