A few words about

What We Do

Our organization is involved in numerous projects that promotes actions towards a better environment....


We endeavor to work with local communities, and
make our efforts count, while transforming
communities, and  contributing to a thriving
environment for all.


We recognize our autonomy as an organization. Our
partners respect this, and genuinely support our

Organizing, Digital Activism, Storytelling, Photography & Videography, Social Media Management

We are involved in private, public and government-Funded Tree Growing Projects Across Kenya

Creating and Promoting Environmental Courses in Kenya’s Curriculum, Including Creative Environmental Education, Experiential Learning, Photography, Field Visits, and more

Promoting Indigenous Knowledge, Mulching, Composting, Fruit Trees Skills, Biological Pest Control, Indigenous Seed Banks, Grafting, and more.

Our Programs

#AfricaIsNotADumpster Campaign

Environmental Clean-ups

Tree growing projects

Creative Environmental Education( experiential learning, photography, fieldvisits, etc)

Agroecology/ food security

Training on activism

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Programs & Trainings