Brief: #TheCaravanIsComing #WeAreHere

Building on the inaugural and successful Afrika Youth Caravan to COP 27 mobilization, and the growing need to run the caravan project towards UNFCCC COPs, KEAN International and partners embark to deliver this unique edition of the project. Dubbed, We Are Here: Afrikan Youth bringing Solutions to the table, the Afrika Youth Caravan to COP 28 will seek out, spotlight and build up strong and compelling solutions stories of youth delivering projects on-the-ground across the region. The aim of this edition is to present the case for Afrikan youth working on adaptation and mitigation, food systems, technology, Energy, Nature-based Solutions and other restoration solutions for addressing the climate and nature crises in their communities. These youth show proof that youth are not just a statistic to be ticked, but real leaders in driving action and solutions home. Listening to their creative and innovative approaches will greatly contribute to the local solutions world leaders are seeking to global challenges (climate and nature crises). Our aim will be to identify different scalable youth-led solutions across Afrika, and build their narratives towards COP 28.

The Afrika Youth Caravan to COP28 presents an opportunity to tap into the power of Afrikan youth grassroots and local action. This will be brought to life through the power of storytelling by spotlighting solutions at grassroots that are youth-led and formulating an Afrikan youth narrative around climate policies, food systems, restoration and livelihoods. By showcasing 5 innovation stories from across the continent, the youth will have a platform that will open them up to investments through networking, full attendance and participation at COP28 and,  in addition, 5 Afrikan youth will be taken to COP28 where they will get the chance to further share their stories, solutions and expertise on panels, media interviews and through interactions with their peers. Beyond the attendance at COP28, the goal is to open up an opportunity for the innovators to access micro grants that will then catapult them to expand their scope and impact more lives at community level.

While people sometimes make choices out of emotions and justify it with logic, stories help to influence their emotions and motivate them to take action. How we package the caravan in our messaging is what will determine its success.

Why the Caravan?

Centre Afrikan Youth

  • Bring youth leaders actions and profile their solutions
  • Formulate a true Afrikan youth narrative on climate and energy policies, restoration and food systems

Bring the solutions

  • Profile, support and deliver impact driven youth-led solutions in Afrika
  • Deliver micro grants to Afrikan youth-led solutions
  • Leverage on media networks to push key messages
  • Collaboration with other youth networks to push for youth led actions and be part of the solutions.

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