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Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future The KEAN International team recently participated in the National Workshop on Green Jobs and Skills Development

Climate change poses significant threats to people and our planet, and its impacts are already being felt around the world. Some of the visible consequences include rising

We often go about our days without truly acknowledging the profound connection we share with nature. It’s a constant presence, a silent

Africa, a continent teeming with youthful energy and innovation, is at the forefront of the climate crisis. Young Africans are not just

Around two weeks ago, we were thrilled to participate in the launch of the Regional Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity, Forests, and

Flowing Towards Peace On March 22nd, the world celebrated World Water Day with the theme “Water for Peace.” This theme highlighted the

Every year, on March 21st, the world comes together to celebrate International Day of Forests, also known as World Forest Day. This

Are you passionate about using social media to fight for climate change solutions? Do you dream of creating impactful campaigns that inspire

In a momentous announcement, KEAN is thrilled to reveal its transformative rebranding, signaling a new chapter in the organization's evolution. This strategic move is centered on four fundamental pillars: knowledge dissemination, youth engagement, capacity development, and policy advocacy. Each of these areas reflects KEAN's commitment to fostering positive change in society.

🛡️ Adaptation: Embracing Change In the unfolding narrative of climate action, Adaptation emerges as our front-line defense—a robust shield against the impacts

Why Carbon Credits Matter Climate change is an urgent global issue and we all have a responsibility to contribute to a greener,

Africa is facing a multitude of challenges and opportunities as our world rapidly changes, and climate change is among the most pressing.

Introduction Climate change is a global threat that endangers lives and ecosystems worldwide. African countries are acutely vulnerable to the impacts of

Nature4Climate (N4C) collaborated with Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) and hosted by Kenya Environmental Network (KEAN) to provide capacity-building sessions on the use

It was a beautiful summer day in 2019 when Japheth attended her first climate strike. He had always been concerned about the