Climate Action

Harnessing Policies for Effective Climate Action in Africa

Harnessing Policies for Effective Climate Action in Africa

Introduction Climate change is a global threat that endangers lives and ecosystems worldwide. African countries are acutely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, with rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns, and rising sea levels putting livelihoods, agriculture, and biodiversity at risk. Policies play a crucial role in driving climate action in Africa. The African Climate …

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World Wetland Day

World Wetlands Day 2023

Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN) members joined fellow youth and environmental actors to celebrate and commemorate the #WorldWetlandsDay in a glocal effort to create awareness of the importance of wetlands as crucial life-supporting ecosystems through education and outreach, which help build support for conservation and restoration efforts.  During the #WorldWetlandsDay2023 celebration at Gatharaini River, different …

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Climate Advocacy

Climate Advocacy

Climate advocacy refers to efforts to raise awareness and promote action on issues related to climate change. This can involve a wide range of activities, such as promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources, supporting policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on people and the environment. …

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The oceans are rising, and so are we The climate is changing, why can’t weGlaciers are melting, others sublimate away Ravaging mighty fires outweighConsuming hurricanes rage grey Mother earth is bleeding Her teeming life depletingHer species ,extinct or nearing.It’s man against nature,and he is winning. For clear – the science is,Our only chance of survival …


Social Media Advocacy Training

KEANClinics : Social Media Advocacy Training

Social media for Advocacy training A group of 30 youth drawn from Kenya Environmental Action Network(KEAN) and The MIllennial Environmentalists (TME) gathered for a skill building training on leveraging social media power to advance their actions. The full day program hosted at the Climate Change Resource Center, inside the Kenya Meteorological Department grounds, saw the …

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Become Part Of The Change

Perhaps the most direct, most impactful form of activism is the noble, ancient art of The Protest. When you’re surrounded by the voices and (hilarious) signs of like-minded citizens, it’s hard to not get swept up in the atmosphere – and it’s even harder to ignore the power of the people when thousands are lining the streets, all marching against the same issue


Painting Parachutes at the Michuki Memorial Park, Nairobi

#ClimateAction #ParachutePainting #Youth #ClimateChange Painting Parachutes at the Michuki Memorial Park, Nairobi Climate change effects continue to be felt in most part of the world, especially Africa. Spreading awareness is becoming more crucial as days goes by. Creative touch is proving to be helpful and well received by the better part of the populations. Especially …

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