We Are Super proud of KEAN members, Congratulations!!!

We Are Super proud of KEAN members, Congratulations!!!

Thank you KEAN Family for Shinning beyond Challenges, and excelling in Successful Impactful Projects in 2022

There are many things that individuals and groups within KEAN network have been engaged in to contribute to a more sustainable planet, including reducing energy consumption, conserving natural resources, and supporting environmentally-friendly policies and practices. Reminding everyone the importance for all of us to do our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

As we prepare for the new year, we urge more people, institution, governments and other involved stakeholders to appreciate youth working on projects that promote climate action

Here are a few suggestions for how you can show your appreciation:

  • Offer words of encouragement and praise: A simple but meaningful way to show appreciation is to offer words of encouragement and praise. You can let the youth know that you think their work is important and that you appreciate their efforts.
  • Provide resources and support: Another way to appreciate youth who are working on climate action projects is to provide resources and support. This might include funding, access to materials or equipment, or help with logistics.
  • Share their work with others: Another way to show appreciation is to help spread the word about the youth’s work. Share their projects on social media or with your network of contacts. This can help to raise awareness of their efforts and generate additional support for their work.
  • Offer mentorship and guidance: If you have relevant expertise or experience, you might consider offering mentorship and guidance to the youth. This could involve providing advice and guidance on their projects, helping them to develop new skills, or connecting them with other resources and opportunities.
  • Show your support: One way to show your appreciation is to show your support for the cause that the activists are working on. This could involve signing petitions, attending rallies or protests, or sharing information about the cause on social media.
  • Donate to organizations: Many activist organizations rely on donations to fund their work. Consider making a donation to an organization that aligns with your values and that you would like to support.
  • Thank activists personally: Another way to show your appreciation is to reach out to activists personally and thank them for their efforts. This can be a simple but meaningful way to let them know that their work is appreciated.
  • Help to amplify their voices: Finally, you can help to amplify the voices of activists by sharing their message and work with your network of contacts. This can help to raise awareness of the cause and generate additional support for the activists’ efforts.

Overall, the most important thing is to show genuine appreciation and support for the youth’s efforts. This can help to motivate and encourage them to continue working on their projects and make a positive impact on the climate.

Activism is not easy; We appreciate the dedication and efforts by each of you

Activism can be challenging, but it is also an important way for individuals and communities to make their voices heard and advocate for change. Activists play a vital role in bringing about social and political change, and their efforts often lead to positive outcomes for society.

We acknowledge the vital role you have been playing in pushing for climate action and justice. 2022 pushed many of you to their limits, and we are super proud of how you all held tight till the very end. 2023, comes with more challenges, and we have faith in you.

Your hard work and dedication is appreciated and valued.

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