Happy World Women Day !!!

Happy World Women Day !!!

To all awesome women out here, doing their best for the betterment of our planet. We celebrate you.

Keep doing what you are doing. Its is paying off, and we are super proud of you.

We are also extremely happy to give a shout out to great ladies in KEAN, doing something for our planet.

Perpetua Mutindi Kivunga : Jumuisha Initiative Organization

Climate change has been and is still an emerging issue of concern to the whole world. My desire to counter it’s effect to the environment attributed to the formation of Jumuisha Initiative an organization that aims at climate change sensitization and leadership training. With my background in Sustainable Planning and environmental conservation I apply my professional expertize in actualization of the group’s vision and sustainable development goal 13 on climate action. Over time we’ve managed to plant over 10,000 seedlings across Makueni and Kajiado counties.

Habiba Bien:Trashion Kenya

I am a Graduate in Bachelors in Business Management, Sustainable Lifestyle blogger and founder of Trashion Kenya. I use my platform to discourage the use of single-use plastics in our country and promote zero waste initiatives and raise awareness on climate change through climate action activities on waste monetization, plastic recycling and other wastes, in such a way that it can benefit the environment and people’s livelihoods. I am a volunteer in climate change projects. My motto is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Modester Lynn : Kenya Inter-university Environmental Students Association KIUESA

I am the current chairperson of KIUESA. First female in the seat. An environmental activist and an avid community development enthusiast. Over the years as a student I have been able to participate in various tree planting exercises, conservation education some of which I organized. My goal is to see gender equity especially in resource acquisition and management. Furthermore creating sustainable solutions and/or activities for the environment.

Mana Omar : Spring of the arid and semi-arid lands (SASAL)

Founder and CEO of SASAL, an NGO working with the pastoral communities living in the ASAL’s of Kenya for their improved climate resilience. Vision of Greening the ASAL’s, a project which seeks to plant and grow trees in the harshest of environments for the purpose of both mitigation and adaptation to climate change and has already kickstarted in Kajiado county .

Aruna varsani : Together For Better Foundation

My name is Aruna I support girls with reusable sanitary pads in various areas in Africa. From what I have seen, the girls usually use cow skin, wet sand or dig a hole near the house or a water stream when they get their periods. By providing them with reusable sanitary pads we are protecting them from various health challenges and allowing them to continue going to school.

Sumaiya Harunany : Blue Earth Organization

I am a teacher by profession, a very passionate conservationist and the founder of Blue Earth Organization. Along with environmentalism, i usually volunteer in giving my time to community work as well, such as frequent visits to the Children’s Home and celebrating various days with them for example the World Food Day, Children’s day and also organizing fun days for them. I got involved in activism some two years back when i realized how the plastic pollution is destroying our ecosystems and also the climate crisis we humans are facing. I along with my team am currently working on the 13th and 14th SDG’s that are the climate change and life below water by carrying out tree plantings, restoring mangroves and holding beach cleanups. I do all this because first of all it’s my passion to protect and conserve the elements of the earth such as the oceans, plants, animals, and second we are all at a risk to climate change. I strongly believe that with all the support from my fellow environmentalists, we will see a healthy planet for our future generations.

Fiona Mugure : Eden Stewards

I believe change starts with me, and if not me, then who? This makes me not let someone else do it, because if that’s what we all did, then no one would ever do something. I like championing for a clean and green environment, I try my best by spreading awareness to primary school going children about climate change, and I also plant and grow trees; and avoid using plastic waste, a small thing, but hoping for it to become a chain reaction that will ripple to all around me.

Cynthia Ondiek : Behind Zero Waste Initiative

Currently the Global peace Ambassador for Kisumu County. I am the founder of Behind Zero Waste Initiative, an initiative trying to solve nutritional issues in vulnerable primary schools. I am also the Global Institute for Youth Development SDG’s advocate and an alumni United Nations Academic Impact.

Naima Mohamed : Youths of Africa & NOW

I’m an environmental scientist and blogger who focuses on issues of environment. I manage my own blog with the aim of creating environmental awareness and promoting environmental stewardship. My blog is called ecoreminder www.ecoreminder.wordpress.com
I’m also the co-founder of Youths of Africa https://littleyouthsofafrica.wordpress.com/ Where we focus on telling stories about Africa and to create a platform to amplify voices of youths. Currently I’m the team leader of NOW’s Kenyan community. We’ve just created a team this year and looking forward to activities and campaigns to make the world a better place.

Shila Ukumbini Salim : Youth for Sustainable development-Kilifi

Working with VSO Kenya gearing towards the UN Food systems summit in september Been conducting dialogues
with primary actors and stakeholders engagement in Kilifi county to understand the food system and food security needs .
Looking at the county polocies and interventions that aim to ensure the county is sufficiently food secure and also get the rationale of different partners working in kilifi county with a special focus on Action Track 4 which focuses on the livelihoods at the various points within
Food Systems – from the small-scale farmer to the retailer – and how we advance equity throughout.

Action track 5 which focuses on working to build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stresses in our the food systems .

Anita Soina : Spice Warriors

I’m an Environmental Warrior and Activist, currently pursuing a B.A. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, at the Multimedia University of Kenya. I am so passionate about social change with a strong inclination to environment conservation! I founded SpiceWarriors at the age of 18 to mobilize more young people especially outside conservation to join the Climate Movement! I’m the Director of Eco Tours and Adventure by SpiceWarriors that encourages people to travel to nature attractive places especially conservancies owned by communities! Author, The Green War a book meant for young people highlighting some 0f the environmental injustices

Irene Naserian Soit : Environment Green

I`m an environmental activist and bamboo ambassador ,She has a Passion to giving back to mother nature and leave a legacy for the future generations. She believes that Nature doesn’t need us but we need nature ,so she has made it a sole responsibility of taking care of the environment using bamboo so that nature can take care of her and the future generations.

Patricia Kombo: PaTree initiative

Patricia Mumbua Kombo Is a passionate environmentalist, a communicator and a UNCCD Land Hero. Besides championing for climate change she advocates for sustainable land use, with an aim of ending hunger, malnutrition and poverty in rural communities. Her goal is to give voice to young generations and train them how to act for climate through tree growing and setting kitchen gardens in schools.
As the founder of PaTree her niche revolves around networking and partnering with schools to promote a safe and clean planet for our generations through environmental education and tree planting activities, an idea born out of passion and from watching innocent children and their mothers suffer the adversities of climate crisis which served as an eye opener and triggered quick action.


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