International Day of the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

International Day of the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

As we celebrate conservation of mangroves, lets continue to engage in activities that help both the local communities and mangrove forests.

The purposes of World Mangrove Day include:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of mangrove ecosystems as a unique, special and vulnerable ecosystem
  • Promote solutions for mangrove sustainable management, conservation and uses

Important to note

  • Mangrove have a wide range of use, which has continued to make them vulnerable to over-exploitation.
  • They are vital in providing clean atmosphere for our survival hence need to be conserved.
  • Most people should join in their conservation, and most importantly in learning how to do right by them. We can only get this from the local communities that have been enjoying a symbiotic relationship. Local communities benefit from mangroves, and in return they protect them.
  • It’s encouraging to see different groups coming together and working towards mangrove conservation.

Joining Blue Earth Organization for Mangrove Planting

We were happy to join Blue Earth Organization and other partners in marking this year’s International Day of the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, by planting mangroves at Mkupe bridge.

The groups brought their members, and local community joined in to help in planting the mangroves.

We had several first timers who really enjoyed the time the event, we were also taught a little about the mangroves.

Thank you, Big Ship Environmental Organization, for the seedlings and snacks.


Just like other species tree planting, mangrove planting need after care plans and continual awareness creation.

Local communities continue to farm nurseries for livelihoods, and ensuring mangrove planting continues. It’s our turn to do more mangrove planting and growing.

With the various groups engaging in these activities, you just need to join them and make it happen.

Am sure the local communities will be more than happy to plant with you several to many seedlings wherever you are ready.

Let’s ensure mangroves have a bright future and back to where it was in terms of coverage. As they are vital for our oceans, atmosphere, marine life and local communities.


Mangroves are extraordinary ecosystems, located at the interface of land and sea in tropical regions, which offer a considerable array of ecosystem goods and services.

Although they are found in 123 nations and territories, mangrove forests are globally rare. They represent less than 1% of all tropical forests worldwide, and less than 0.4% of the total global forest estate.

Mangroves are disappearing three to five times faster than overall global forest losses, with serious ecological and socioeconomic impacts.

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