The oceans are rising, and so are we The climate is changing, why can’t we
Glaciers are melting, others sublimate away Ravaging mighty fires outweigh
Consuming hurricanes rage grey

Mother earth is bleeding Her teeming life depleting
Her species ,extinct or nearing.
It’s man against nature,and he is winning.

For clear – the science is,
Our only chance of survival is,
If we see this as the emergency that it is To act now, or forever perish,
Restoring our forests, grasslands landscapes, and seascapes, Growing trees, right place, right species
Grounded in ancient knowledge, Rooted in science
Centred in justice, Motivated by action

As the camel aces the harsh desert life
And the salmon braces strong currents in strife. Both united by the one thing – survival
As they seek still waters for their species-revival. Humanity too can build resiliency.
And take from nature with efficiency
For revering mother earth is human decency. Few different actions world over
Will shine light at the end of the tunnel Grow local food, shop wisely
Support farmers and embrace regeneration.

Do this ,and the earth will heal, Do this, and it will start to feel, As it did, eons before,
When man lived in nature And the bare earth his floor.
When the starry skies were his roof And the ground was without flaw.

A broken system lurks in failure
Deprived of sobriety, soaked in depths of sombre So if we are culpable of destruction
We can be capable of restoration
Making strides towards our sustainable destination If we give proper instruction
We can save mankind from desolation
For a safe climate feeds on peacebuilding and cohesion If we can feel
We can heal
If we can’t make We can mend
If we have will
We can turn the wheel We can win this
For Climate Action

Written by
Kaluki Paul Mutuku ~ Kenya
Daniel Kihori Kirongothi ~ Kenya


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