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KEANClinics : Social Media Advocacy Training

Social media for Advocacy training

A group of 30 youth drawn from Kenya Environmental Action Network(KEAN) and The MIllennial Environmentalists (TME) gathered for a skill building training on leveraging social media power to advance their actions. The full day program hosted at the Climate Change Resource Center, inside the Kenya Meteorological Department grounds, saw the special participation of Mr. Muchiri, a director at the center, and Lillian, an officer, to support youth meaningfully take part in advancing environmental and climate science and practice.

The training was an inaugural one of #KEANClinics program, where KEAN seeks to organize and run knowledge sharing, capacity building and action oriented forums and activities that better equip people with skills, networks and engagements that help us achieve our advocacy goals. The lead trainers, Mr. Mutwol Gerance, Mr. Kaluki Paul and Mr. Daniel Kihori, Ms. Cheche Winnie took participants through the power and utilization of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and hacks on how to effectively work with them. Further, the training exposed participants to ways of using online spaces and software to effectively support their activities, and create informed interactions while keeping a clear focus on intentions. Effective writing and blogging, phone photography and story hunting were also part of the training, as a way to lead better in the dissemination of content and impact stories.

The Climate Change Resource Center is a huge resource under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, creating the opportunity for youth and members of the community to interact with and enhance their knowledge on climate and environmental matters in Kenya and the world. From a well stocked library to superb meeting facilities and lush grounds, the center is an ideal place to engage in just every meaningful way anyone can think of.

To the hosts at the center, we are highly indebted by your kindness and support towards a successful forum. Partners The Millennial Environmentalists, Kenya Environmental Action Network, and all our wonderful youth participants and change-makers, we thank you greatly for the honor of learning together.

Social media is a tool, that needs to be fully utilized in promoting climate education and awareness.

More people are joining different Social Media Platforms

As internet usage rises, it has been penetrating in more areas at alarming rate in the recent future. This has been it possible for more people to know what is happening in the different continents. Where we have come to realize that we have almost same problems, challenges, etc.

A while back, social media was mostly used for fun and catching up with your friends/family etc.

But that is quickly changing. Its has evolved into an important tool for businesses, advocacy, renovations, among us. People are making a living, influencing change, calling out leaders and even working on solutions through social media.

We are grateful for the support from 350 Africa to enhance our #KeanClinics : Social Media Advocacy Training. Through the training, young environmental leaders acquired skills and empowerment on ways to leverage on social media for effective campaigning, and amplification.

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